Kite kite up in the tree
I see you, there, waving at me.
Looks like the wind got you into its grip,
Blackening your eye and fattening your lip.

The child who brought you has gone away
Leaving you to endure the night and the day.
Tangled, mangled, and teased by the…

Author in red jacket, circa 1980. Photo credit: Andre St. Amand

If someone said to me on that day in 1980 (shown above): “Hey, 1980 kid, for Christmas 2021, your wife will give you a pair of electric socks so you can ride your bike outside in the winter!” I would have thought they were crazy.

As time and circumstance have contrived it to be, it is the year 2022, and my wife did, indeed, give me electric socks last Christmas for just the purpose of riding my bike in cold weather. I wore them today on a brisk 63 km ride through Windsor, Ontario. The batteries gave out about halfway, but luckily I also wear shoe covers, so the old winter freeze didn’t get me today (even thought it’s mid-April!).

Matthew St. Amand

Matthew St. Amand

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